Baseball Links

The ultimate discussion boards for any baseball fan. The perfect place to meet others with similar interests, or to get information from people with vast knowledge on many different subjects.


One of the most complete sources for player, team, and league stats.
A gathering of some of the best baseball stuff on the internet, includes a hodgepodge of baseball analysis, history, information, links, tidbits and statistics.
A great source for quality articles, writings, and informaion about baseball.

John Skilton's Baseball Links
If it exists, you will find it here. This is the most complete list of baseball links on the internet.

The Hill
Online database with more than 80,000 starts by major league pitchers. Users can create charts and reports detailing the performance of professional starting pitchers.


Player Sites
A great site to check out if you're a Manny Ramirez fan.
An informative site about one of baseball's best pitchers.

NetShrine's mission is to categorize those great and famous RETIRED Major League Baseball players by the level of their accomplishments and the era in which they played. The goal of NetShrine is to serve as an "easy to use," low tech, and fast loading virtual mechanism for baseball fans to peruse, enjoy, and learn more about the those Major League Baseball players who stand out.

NetShrine - Baseball Best



If you enjoy ballparks as much as or more than the game, then this site is one that you must check out. As their site states, "The name of this site says it all. BASEBALLPARKS.COM is devoted to just one thing: baseball parks! From the Minors to the Majors, you'll find rankings, observations and opinions on the fields where grown men play a boys' game. So if you're into baseball, c'mon and join us for a look at the state of ballparks in America. After all, this is a site for folks like you and me -- baseball fans who never tire of ballparks!"



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