Top 5 Reasons
To Get A FREE Email Account From Baseballmailbox.com

1. You can send and receive e-mail from work, and your boss will never be able to read it.
2. You can log in to your web based e-mail account from any computer in the world.
3. You won't be stuck using an email address like [email protected]
4. You can promote your favorite sport ([email protected]), and even promote your favorite player ([email protected]).
5. It's FREE!


Answers to our most common questions.

How are the email accounts free?
We are able to keep our email service free through sponsors, link commissions, and contributions from our users.

How do I sign in to my account?
There are several ways to sign in to your account:
1. Use the sign in box available on the home page of your domain. Thus, if you signed up for [email protected], you will find a sign in box by going to http://www.PeteRose.net.
2. Use the same Baseballmailbox.com link that you used when you signed up for your account.
3. Save the sign in page under "favorites" on your browser.

What if you don't offer the email address that I want to use?
If you're interested in a name that you don't see listed on our site (even non-baseball and non-sports email addresses), let us know. In some cases we'll add it for free, and we can always add it if you cover the set up costs.

Can I offer your free email services on my own website?
Baseballmailbox.com was created for the enjoyment of all fans, and we are happy to let you offer our email services on your website. Feel free to copy the links to our sign up/sign in pages, or contact us for the code to offer a sign in/sign up box for a specific email address.

I want to start a baseball website. Can I use one of your domain names for my own site?
Most of our domains are available for use by fans. We're only using them for our email services, and we'd love to see people develop these domains in to sites. Contact Us for more information.

More information:

  • Large Accounts
    6MB accounts can store large attachments and vast quantities of mail.
  • Attachments
    Send up to 3 attachments totaling up to 500 KB.
  • Bulk Mail Options
    Junk mail can be automatically sent to an alternate folder.
  • Email Notification
    Users can be notified at another email address when they receive mail.
  • Folders
    Convenient folders allow users to create and manage folder system as needed.
  • Address Book
    Store names, birthdays, comments, and group multiple contacts together.
  • SPAM free
    Create new filters or use automatic filters to avoid SPAM.
  • POP Mail Retrieval
    Instantly retrieve messages from POP accounts.
  • HTML Mail
    HTML capability to enhance messages with different font styles, sizes, and colors.
  • Help
    Built-in help explains all features at every step.
  • Message Search
    Message search finds messages that contain a particular word or phrase,
    sent on a specific date, a certain size, etc.
  • Personal Signature
    Users can create and change their personal signature.
  • Aliases & Reply Addresses
    Outgoing mail can be personalized with aliases and reply addresses.
  • Personal Profile
    Personal information can be edited and updated and the password can be changed anytime.

If you still have any questions, please contact Us.